Remember: avoid making bets for unfair prices and under unfair conditions

Life is bets

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Bets are decisions with or without significant consequences. They are usually called decisions and the more independent we feel we are, the more decisons we make ourselves.

 Life is full of uncertainties and unless in sports or games, the outcomes may be outside of the box. is to help making educated decisons within the box based on experience gained over almost two decades spent as an observer, reviewer and player in the field.

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(Dated March 3rd, 2021)


Betting is expressing one's opinion in terms of money put at risk and expected to make profits. This is why it is more serious than the lengthy arguing of politologists and other folks on the TV screen about the outcome of a complex situation as long as they do not put in their stake.

Still, betting is also a play or - for the professionals - work with uncertainties. Whether we win or lose, depends greatly on the techniques and sources of information we use.

In general, betting is more than just prediction, though - for successful bettors - prediction or the calculation of risks is the core of betting.

Quoted from 2005 (