Betting small moneys on favorite events that you and I attend or watch on TV is alright for fun and entertainment.

The best arrangement theoretically is when friends make bets among themselves and there is no third person to take a slice of the total stakes. All the money will be distributed among the winners.

However, it may be difficult to always find someone to bet with and to agree on the probabilities, odds and stakes. Bookmakers provide the "matchmaking" but take their share from the total amount of bets placed with them by anonym persons.

Bookmaking is a business and businesses must run a model that guarantees that they have no risk (like insurance companies use reinsurance).

Statistically, punters (bettors) are destined to lose and while some of them can win big, they have few tools to use to offset their handicapped situation.

Basically, they can be profitable if they have funds with reputable, reliable, and competitive bookmakers AND they have some special, early information that can influence upon an event before bookmakers respond.

Betsbook has developed a formula that shows whether the market for a match or competition is worth betting on or not and how much money is needed to be bet to get 1000 units of a given currency.


In another article, Betsbook will review several sportsbooks (bookmaking companies) and show if there is or there was at one point of time any chance to earn guaranteed profits.

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