Will Betsbook beat the market? 

Will AC Milan win the match? 58% of punters bet on AC Milan to win. The probability according to the odds for AC Milan to win the match is: 37.4 %

If AC Milan do not win the match, BB will be considered having beaten the market.

AC Milan will win match: Do you agree?

Send in your vote via the contact form not later than the beginning of the match (2023-09-19 21:00 CET).

The result will be published here on the day following the match.

Soccer, Champion League 1 X 2 BOI**
AC Milan - Newcastle United





* Bet Optimus Index

Odds taken from Unibet on 2023-09-19 at 11:40 (CET)

Result: Betsbook has beaten the market

AC Milan - Newcastle United 0 - 0