Playing against software (virtual poker)

Though pure luck does exist, good and honest software programs for online games, including poker, are written so that each outcome is unpredictable and is based on a random number generation.

This means that you can not base your decisions on your skills in psychology, mathematics. Our recommendation is simple: don't do it.


This being said, I invite you to visit a special exchange market based on Texas Holdem Poker where you bet against other bettors as to the game generated by the "House" will result in Hand A winning or losing, Hand B winning or losing, Hand C winning or losing or Hand D winning or losing. As a Kibitzer, you bet against real people on a game played by software with fictive players. The minimum stake to bet is €1 (one Euro).

This game is based on the poker game commonly known as 'Texas Hold'em'.

Each game begins with 13 cards being dealt face down from one randomly shuffled pack. 8 of the 13 cards are paired to form 4 separate hands as displayed on site (these cards in the pairs can be known as 'hole cards'). The remaining 5 cards form a pool  of community cards.

The first round of betting occurs whilst all cards are face down (The deal) Players should bet on which individual hand(s) they think will or will not win the game. Bets can be placed to back or lay each hand.

Each round of betting lasts for a specific period of time before unmatched bets are cancelled and the next cards turned face up. The length of time is indicated by the movement of the bar just below the community cards. (Please note the progress bar is an indication only).

At the end of the first round of betting, unmatched bets are cancelled and the pairs of cards forming the individual hands are simultaneously turned face up. There is then another round of betting, again bets can back or lay each individual hand within the game (Pre Flop).

At the end of the second round of betting unmatched bets are cancelled and the first three of the community cards (sometimes known as the 'flop') are turned face up. Another round of betting then begins.

The end of the third round of betting sees unmatched bets cancelled before the fourth card from the community cards is turned face up (this card is sometimes know as the 'turn'). Another round of betting then commences.

The fourth and final round of betting finishes with unmatched bets cancelled before the fifth and final of the community cards is turned face up (this is sometimes known as the 'river').

The result of the game is determined by which hand is best within the predetermined rank system. Should two hands be of equal standing then dead heat rules will apply. Each hand may consist of the following:

  • Both hole cards and three community cards
  • One hole card and four community cards
  • All five community cards

A session usually is completed in less than 4 minutes and the winnings are immediately added to your account.

The "House" known as Betfair  also operates a superb online poker room for and with real people, and you can play in the games section as well as in the other sections (sportsbook, casino) with only one account.