Remember: avoid making bets for unfair prices and under unfair conditions

Profitability of playing poker online depends more on money management than on luck. Money management includes not only bank roll management but also the management and use of promotions, bonuses, rakebacks and bounties. Refer-a-friend programs and affiliate and sub-affiliate schemes can generate additional income. Alas, many players commit the mistake of not using the right approach when they sign up with a poker room and then they will no longer have the chance to use the benefits otherwise available.

As they say, everything is permitted if not prohibited. Most poker rooms encourage their players to refer friends and subject to certain terms and conditions they will pay a one time bonus to the referring as well as the referred person.

This, of course, is easy money and everybody is happy as long as the referred person does not become a high roller and generate tremendous rakes for the room.

Had the referrer been an affiliate on a revshare base, he or she would have been rewarded for every rake his or her player has contributed to. Some rooms even allow you to refer yourself (though they do not explicitly offer this option to you)

Keep this in mind when selecting your scheme for earning additional money by referring people to your poker rooms.

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